Construction Cleanup

When getting the job done correctly and on-time matters, call All Janitorial Professional Services, Inc. Why? Because we help you meet your deadlines and budget on-time, every time.

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Standard Construction Cleanup services we provide:

General Maintenance

  • Trash
  • All trash outside/inside will be collected and removed to the dumpsters
  • Windows, Inside
  • Window frames
  • Interior glass fixtures
  • Glue
  • Paint

Main Entrance

  • All glass doors and fixtures
  • Entire lobby/waiting area
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Canopies and other fixtures
  • Carpet and runners


  • Clean and disinfect underside and tops of toilet seats
  • Clean and disinfect washbasins, toilet bowls, and urinals
  • Clean and disinfect around and behind toilets
  • Clean tile walls, toilet partitions, and shower stalls
  • Scrub tile floors
  • Clean and polish dispensers
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Clean and polish all metal services
  • Clean all hardware on doors

Retail Area

  • Remove fingerprints from woodwork, walls, partitions, and light switches
  • Clean and polish all cabinetry
  • Polish all stainless steel equipment and fixtures
  • Perform low/ high cleaning

Floor Maintenance

  • Sweep
  • Clean
  • Mop all tile and ceramic flooring
  • Carpeted areas will be clean
  • Tile floors and work surfaces will be cleaned per manufacturer’s specification

In addition, we include the following in our standard procedures:

  • Changing mop water (cleaning and rinsing water) at least twice.
  • Cleaning all cobwebs and removing dead insects/rodents, including droppings, as well as disinfecting.

If your project requires attention to detail, All Janitorial Professional Services, Inc. is the team to call. We take pride in making you look good.